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Mueller's Land Plan

Mueller is leading the way as a model for sustainable community design. Here are a few of the forward-thinking features we've incorporated into Mueller's land plan:

Home designs are very resource efficient, use non-toxic and recyclable materials, and help maintain and improve air and water quality.
The community's extensive greenspaces and utility systems also go a long way to keep Mueller clean, green and sustainable. 

Austin Energy has built a groundbreaking on-site power plant that provides substantial environmental benefits.
The mixed-use community plan gives Mueller residents a lifestyle full of choices that don't involve getting in their cars. Recreation, transit, shopping, entertainment, employment—it's all right here at Mueller

Green Building Program and Sustainability Case Studies


Mueller gives green building the green light!

We're fortunate to be located in Austin because of its status as a national leader on the green building scene. Austin Energy, a community-owned electric utility company, has established a number of environmental initiatives dedicated to protecting and enhancing the quality of the environment while providing affordable, reliable energy.

Its Green Building Program—one of the most aggressive in the country--incorporates national LEED standards. As a result, Mueller's designs are resource-efficient, use non-toxic and recyclable regional materials and help maintain and improve air and water quality. The program is designed to promote better health, greater comfort and lower utility bills.

Visit Mueller Central

Come on out and get to know Mueller. To get acquainted with the full vision for Mueller, please visit our information center, Mueller Central, located at 4550 Mueller Blvd. Click here for address and operating hours.

Development Map for the Community

To download your copy of the Mueller Development Plan, click here.

The Mueller Design Book

For more information regarding Mueller's Design Book, click here.